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I am a manic depressive, schitzophrenic, teenager about to walk into the world as an adult.


My 100 Things
1. I did NOTHING for my 18th birthday.
2. That’s not completely true. I went to Rawlins, Wy the day after for work related business.
3. I did basically nothing for my 16th birthday. I went out to eat with my Grams. No party. No big fun. Just dinner and a song. Whoopie….
4. I treat my Grams as if she’s my mom.
5. I’ve lived with my grams for a total of 5 nonconsecutive years.
6. My dad thinks I’ve replaced him.
7. I’m astonished he cares.
8. I do NOT like touching strangers.
9. I do NOT like prolonged contact with casual friends.
10. I don’t mind touching family… but I’d rather not.
11. I read. A lot. Like everyday if I had enough books.
12. I hate starting everything with I.
13. Writing was a favorite pastime of mine.
14. Poetry is what I wrote.
15. I don’t like showing my work as it landed me in therapy.
16. I am gory at times.
17. My movie collection has Children’s movies, Drama, Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, and Science Fiction in it.
18. I claim to hate romance.
19. I don’t.
20. I stopped watching a lot of television when I moved in with Grams on a permanent basis.
21. I moved in a year ago this coming June.
22. I’ve not told anyone on here, yet, what I do for a living.
23. I’m a skiptracer for a collection agency.
24. That means hunting people down to tell them they owe money.
25. I stopped here on the end of my first day of trying to write this.
26. I was engaged to David.
27. Only for two weeks.
28. I broke it off because I have a fear of commitment
29. I’m passive-aggressive
30. My old psychiatrists were amazed at how well I know myself
31. I really don’t.
32. I’m a good liar.
33. I learned to lie from my step-mom.
34. I don’t know how many cousins I have
35. I never see my mom’s side of the family
36. I’m very close to my dad’s side of the family
37. I have Irish in me.
38. My hair is brown with read highlights when I’m in the sun
39. My hair looks black when it’s wet.
40. My eyes are termed hazel.
41. They change colors.
42. Even to yellow and orange.
43. When I was a kid I wanted to be a cat.
44. I’ve had cats around me all my life.
45. Pumpkin is trained to come when I snap.
46. She puts me to bed at Grams’
47. Dad’s dog Lucky puts me to bed at Dad’s
48. I am a manic depressive.
49. I refuse to take medications
50. I once tried to strangle my little brother.
51. I have a bad temper.
52. I hate to clean my room.
53. I am a chocoholic.
54. I love to walk on tredmills
55. I have a high IQ
56. I suck at correct grammar and spelling sometimes.
57. My co-worker always asks me how to spell things.
58. My older brother is only my half-brother.
59. My dad doesn’t realize we know about our half-brother from him.
60. Crystal knows the most about me.
61. Crystal and I will spend hours just talking.
62. I’ve only stayed up 24 hours twice in my life.
63. I’m an early riser.
64. I go to bed before midnight usually.
65. I drink alcohol occasionally with my brother
66. I’ve never been drunk.
67. I’ve tried.
68. I don’t like alcohol unless it’s mixed.
69. Children are drawn to me.
70. I can’t handle being around kids for a prolonged amount of time.
71. I’m scared of kids.
72. I raised a baby when I was 10.
73. She was my step-sister.
74. She forgot who I was when she left when she was 3.
75. That makes me cry.
76. Her dad is my dad’s friend.
77. Her dad would have been my guardian if my dad had died.
78. I love French fries
79. I’ve not had many French fries in the last three months
80. I have few friends.
81. I’m very loyal to those I do have.
82. Until I mess up and think I don’t deserve their friendship anymore.
83. I hide from emotions.
84. They always find me en force
85. All my emotions are strong, never mediocre.
86. I cry during sad parts of movies.
87. Only tears. Never noise.
88. My mom has been my hero since I was little.
89. My mom can belly-dance.
90. I cannot belly dance
91. I can carry things on my head.
92. I can kneel, stand and turn without spilling anything from a cup on my head.
93. That is one of my only talents.
94. I took 4 typing classes in school.
95. I can only type 43 wpm
96. I also took three years of Spanish and one of French.
97. I cannot speak Spanish or French fluently
98. I have routines.
99. I do not stick well to routines.
100. I have so many psychological disorders I cannot remember them all.